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Setting up a Standing Order Online

Click Here for details of how to change an existing Standing Order

The bank will not let us have direct debit (which would allow you to sign up on out website) so we are left with Standing Orders.  Only you can instruct your bank to set up a Standing Order, which you can do via your online banking or telephone banking service.

Telephone Banking

Many of the highstreet banks offer telephone banking and if you give them a call they will often set up a standing order over the phone.  They'll want some or all of the following information

Who to credit : British Global and Travel Health Association (BGTHA)
Our Bank :  Bank of Scotland
Account Number : 00274144
Sort Code : 80-91-29
Amount :  £30 for nurses or £40 for doctors/pharmacists
First Payment Date : 1st January, April, July OR October
Frequency of Payments : Once a year (on above dates)
Reference : Either your membership number (if you know it) or your full name

Online Banking

It is often possible to set up a standing order using your online banking.  It is often possible to view existing Standing Orders and it is there you should be able to add a new one.  The above details are all you need.

Changing an Existing Standing Order

If you already pay by Standing Order then you can change it to the new amount using telephone banking or online banking.  You will need to change the following

Amount : £30 for nurses or £40 for doctors / pharmacists
Date : If possible please change to 1st January, April, July or October
Reference : Either your membership number or Full Name

Please email us to let us know you have done it. THIS STEP IS IMPORTANT. When we hear from you we will update your online account.  

What if I've overpaid / underpaid?

If your old payment went through and now your new payment then let us know and we'll put it right.  If only your old payment has gone through then you can send us a cheque for the difference and set your new standing order to start next year.  Confused??!  If you're not sure what to do then email